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1. Love yourself the way you are!

Have you ever watched little kids looking at the mirror? They are so excited about their physical appearance; they consider themselves just perfect. Do the same with their simple and naïve believing. You might be fat or skinny, short or tall but never-ever criticize yourself; you are unique and special! Also, take every opportunity to tell people you care about, that you love them.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever2. Don’t overeat!

Eat everything you like but always measure the amount of food you ingest. Overdoing it will make you feel tired and sleepy. Remember that the best diet is the diet of positive thinking. Very often we eat only because we feel unhappy.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever3. Love your job!

Do what you love with joy and passion. If you don’t like your occupation – change it! If for any reason you can not, change your attitude towards it and do your best to find the positive aspects of your work.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever4. Move!

Walk, dance, exercise or swim. Movements stimulate our metabolism, strengthen our muscles and raise our mood.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever5. Laugh!

Laugh often, long and loud. “Laugh, and the world laughs with you.” If you have friends that make you happy, spend lots of time with them.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever6. Don’t carry offences!

Offences need punishment. That is why you may cut your finger or (touching wood) get into something much more serious like a traffic accident or an unexpected ailment if you do not forgive yourself and others.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever7. Sleep enough!

Sleeping in a cool room is much better for our health. Sleep as many hours as you need to feel full of energy: for some 6 hours are enough, for others – 9. But, if you sleep more than that and feel weak, you need to look into the matter.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever8. Don’t envy!

If you envy somebody, who is suffering? Undoubtedly you are! Don’t let negative emotions destroy yourself.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever9. Release your anger!

Cry, shout, hit a pillow, listen to the music, watch a movie, talk to a friend, do some shopping; whatever works for you. But never carry that feeling for a long period of time; it might “eat” you from inside.

Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever10. Train your brain!

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop……And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s!” Keep on learning! Never let the brain get idle. Do crosswords, learn another language, become skilled at computers, gain knowledge of crafts and so forth.


Ten Commandments to Stay Young Forever

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