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The meat market is rapidly getting more saturated with processed meat which is both a good and bad thing. Processed meat simply works to make use of the meat by-products so as to reduce waste while making some favorite forms of meat including sausages, meat balls, and many others. The reason why this is a big area of contention is the fact that a processed meat glue enzyme also known as transglutaminase is used. This product was previously known to come from the liver of guinea pigs which was simply an issue but can now be easily found thanks to the blood clot derivatives and bacteria cultures all of which are still an issue of concern all over the world.

Transglutaminase acts by gluing pieces or particles of meat together without dissolving at any level meaning that they are also ingested in the process. Transglutaminase is not readily available and is made through a biosynthesis which is why there is an ever-present availability of E.coli wherever this is made available. There have been numerous campaigns against the use of meat glue all and for a good reason.

E.coli among many other parasites and bacteria are the leading cause of inflammations in the body leading to chronic cancers. Cancers are also the leading cause of death in the world today with most being incurable; the incurable ones leave a mark that is hard to forget with painful treatment sessions.

The fact of the matter is that we will find ourselves using products with meat glue every once in a while. The fact that it is not always stipulated on the packaging paper makes it all the more dangerous if the products are consumed for a long time consistently. These inflammatory features hit the kidney and the liver hard causing systemic failures in the long run beside the issue of present E.coli in the body. The inflammation can be worked on by the use of anti-inflammatory products in the market such as turmeric and black pepper extracts. These extracts not only reduce any inflammation but also get free of any toxins in the body by neutralizing free radicals released in the body by external factors such as transglutaminase.

It is, however, advisable that you keep away from processed meat as much as possible and stick to the most organic of sources so as to stay clear of this contamination. It is also advisable that you use natural turmeric and black pepper extracts in this case.

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