The drawbacks of tungsten carbide rings to keep in mind for making a well-informed choice
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Price and looks, as well as durability, are the high points of tungsten that make it an attractive option for making rings and bands. The metal has a macho appeal, which makes tungsten rings a favorite among men who are ready to break the trend and try out the latest jewelry metal that can help them to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

Those looking for trendy and modern wedding bands that have elegant looks must turn to tungsten bands that are creating ripples in fashion circles. Since rings signify lifelong bonding of two souls, titanium that can last a lifetime while retaining its shine and luster is undoubtedly the best choice. After all, what can beat the metal which is the hardest among jewelry metals.

But like all good things, tungsten too has some drawbacks that you must be aware of when buying titanium wedding bands. There is nothing to worry about until these drawbacks turn out to be bad for you, and to judge its effects, you must know what the shortcomings are.

Resizing is difficult

The drawbacks of tungsten carbide rings AllOntarioSince you would like a ring to last for a long time during which your finger size is likely to change, there would be occasions when the ring would require resizing. But you have a problem with tungsten because although it is very hard metal, it is also very brittle. Applying too much force on the metal can make it break, and hence it is not possible to resize rings made from tungsten. If it is your wedding ring, then you must give it a thought because a time may come when due to a change in finger size, you can no more wear the ring.

Scratches other objects

The hardness of tungsten makes it last very long and even resistant to scratches that help to retain the good looks for many years. But at the same time, the hard metal that it is can cause scratches on other objects when rubbed against it. The ring that you are wearing can scratch household goods like the fridge and furniture if it brushes against it during use.

Tungsten can crush

The drawbacks of tungsten carbide rings to keep in mind for making a well-informed choiceThe hardness of tungsten is good for maintaining the shape and design of rings as well as keep it shining, but if exposed to the strong force, the metal will give away and shatter due to its brittleness. Although adding carbon to tungsten helps to reduce the brittleness, the threat remains. If your profession demands using the hands for doing some rough and tough handling, you must be careful to protect your tungsten ring from damage.

Chances of allergies

The drawbacks of tungsten carbide rings AllOntarioSince tungsten price is quite affordable and the best quality tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic, you must not compromise on the quality. Lower quality of tungsten carbide can cause allergies in some cases, and if you have a history of allergy, act with caution.

Jewelry value is important for some people who want to benefit from its liquidity, but tungsten being low value will not be of any help in this regard. For more information, visit Tungsten Rings.

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