The Google Mobilegeddon is Coming

The Google Mobilegeddon is Coming
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What is the Mobilegeddon?

It is a Mobile Search Algorithm Update that Google is going to introduce April 21, 2015.

The name for the update is not an official name but one given to the update by Webmasters and SEO companies. The update will introduce a ranking distinction between websites that have a mobile version and websites without one. Until recently Google did give some preference in ranking to websites which have mobile-friendly versions but now the preference is going to be turned into a real gap.

Here are a few questions we are being asked about the update.

  1. What can we expect to happen April 21?

Google will begin giving a strong preference to the websites that have mobile-friendly version during mobile search. We expect to start seeing very different results in mobile searches, which means that web-properties with a mobile version will appear in searches ahead of others when users search from their mobile device.

  1. What does mobile version stands for?

Its an additional, mobile-dedicated version that your website needs to have in order to make it mobile friendly. It is adapted for mobile browsers and makes it easy to navigate from a mobile device. Mobile site versions are especially adapted for “fingertips” browsing, sporting large icons and easy to scroll menus

  1. My website is “scalable”, does this qualify as a mobile friendly version?

Nope, sorry. As much as a site may have scalable width to fit it onto a small screen, it still isn’t enough to count as a mobile friendly website as far as Google is concerned.

  1. How can I check to see if my website is mobile-friendly?

This is easy, just follow this link: and test it. This designated Google page will run a test and tell you whether your website fits the new guideline or doesn’t. If your site does not qualify it will tell you so and even make a few suggestions on how to adjust it.

  1. Will Mobilegeddon hurt me?

Nothing detrimental, but yeah, it will have a serious effect on ranking of non-mobile friendly websites. It can especially hit some industries which get almost 40% of their traffic from mobile devices, such renovators and home builders, or the entertainment sector. This will especially affect restaurants, which have an even bigger number of mobile visitors. Locksmiths, towing companies, body shops and such must definitely take action to avoid risk of losing lots of business due to compromised mobile ranking.

And hey, even without this update, having a mobile version is just a good idea. It makes your website is easy to navigate, and gives it a modern, professional look. After all, your web page is your business card. Making it look good is important.

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