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By Walter Moore

Instagram among all other available social media channels is mostly preferred by business owners and marketers for several reasons. The platform, which only encourages photo and video sharing, comes with a lot of features and tools that most other social media channels do not have.

The Haves and Not-Haves of Instagram That Make It So Popular AllOntarioWhen compared to other social media networks, it is seen that only Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, comes close to Instagram. Sometimes you will even need to use some of the features of Facebook to make the best use of the Instagram platform. For example, you will need to use the Facebook Ad Manager feature to use the Instagram Stories Ad feature in the best way to get high yields.

The popularity of Instagram among the business owners and marketers is noticeable due to some basic reasons such as:

  • It has more than a billion active monthly users which is much more than all other social media networks combined
  • The total time spend by the users on Instagram is only second to Facebook, according to research and
  • Instagram being a mobile operable app enables the businesses to reach to a larger audience that uses smart phones and that too quickly on the go.

That means, you stand a better chance to reach to your target audience when you use the Instagram platform than other social networks and integrate it with your social marketing efforts.

When you look for some inspiration in Instagram marketing, you will see that they use Instagram in the best possible way and gain results that are simply unthinkable without the use of this photo sharing platform.

The Haves and Not-Haves of Instagram That Make It So PopularTherefore, if you want to do well in your social media marketing and get the highest return on your investment as well as present, preserve and persevere your social followers in the best way; using Instagram platform for your business marketing purpose is the best alternative option available to you. Why? Here are the reasons.

Instagram allows on-the-go sharing

You will not get any other social media network that will allow you to share your photos and short videos on the go. This is because Instagram is a mobile operable app.

  • That means, more than any other big networks, Instagram is perfectly designed for the intended use of it on the mobile devices.
  • It also means that sharing of photos and videos on this platform is quick and easy with an assurance that it will reach to the target audience without any delay

This is because they will not have to wait to get back home, start their computer, log in to their Insta account to check out on the latest from their favorite brands. You will be seen by them regardless of the time and place of your posting your photos and videos.

All these features make Instagram the perfect platform for sharing candid, intended, and behind the scene photos, all pf which can and will elicit momentous engagement from the visitors.

Instagram is a content creator for other networks

Instagram can also serve as a creator of content for other different social media networks. This is ideally very helpful a feature especially when you want to share your content across different social media networks and make the best use of the social media landscape the best way possible along with Instagram.

The principle reasons for this include:

  • Visual content is not only popular on Instagram but as you may know that pictures and videos are also hugely popular among the Facebook and Twitter follower sand obviously on all other visual-centric social networks such as Pinterest and YouTube as well.
  • Instagram also provides you with the unique ability to create eye captivating images which you can easily use as your content for all your other marketing channels, social and otherwise.

Moreover, the process to follow to take photos to use on Instagram platform is easy. It is even easier when you use your Instagram app. All you have to do is take the photos using this app and then save them in your phone so that you can use them on your other networks. Yes, that is possible and for that you will need to:

  • Set your phone to airplane mode
  • Take the image or images as you desire and
  • Save it.

It will be automatically saved to your photo roll in your camera to use it later.That means, whether you want a Facebook posts, a blog or a Pinterest board, the Instagram content will help you in this regard a great deal.

The Haves and Not-Haves of Instagram That Make It So Popular AllOntario

Usefulness of the Instagram videos

The most significant advantage of Instagram videos is that it can act as a great content for getting more likes and shares on popular social networks like Facebook. According to the research report from Unruly it is found that 9 out of 10 Instagram videos shared on Instagram ideally ends up being on Facebook.

This in fact is a great news for business owners and marketers especially for those who are looking to:

  • Bridge the gap between Instagram and Facebook so that they can drive more traffic to their site
  • Facilitate more shares between the two popular platforms and
  • Ensure more engagement among the users by gratifying them for their participation.

For example, you can ask your customers to share their creative photos in the platform and tag your business with their photos. Making it more like a contest, you can choose a winner from them and then reward with a product, a discount code or even a free one-year membership to your newsletter or service.

The Haves and Not-Haves of Instagram That Make It So PopularOf course, there are also a few other ideas as well that could bring in the same result. These ideas could be:

  • Hosting a voting contest
  • Photo tagging contest and more.

In these contests, the customers only need to tag their contacts with the photos as many as possible to be the winner.

Therefore, you can see how all these tools and features are useful for business marketing and promotion of products in the best way possible.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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