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In addition to Canada’s two official languages: English and French, there are more than 200 other languages and tongues spoken in the Great White North. Nonetheless, Spanish is one of the fastest-growing languages. And although the language’s presence in Canada dates back to the 16th century, it was not until the 1900s that significant Spanish settlement occurred in the land.

The Importance of Spanish in Canada AllOntarioHispanic market in Canada

According to recent data, roughly 1.8M Canadians speak Spanish — with a 61% increase in the last decade. These numbers come as no surprise given that 572 million people worldwide speak Spanish (as either their native or second language.) Furthermore, the number of Spanish speakers across the globe is expected to reach 750 by the year 2050. Some experts are even calling Spanish the “language of the future.”

Plus, if we also take into consideration that within the past few years, Canadian enterprises have conducted an extraordinary amount of business with Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Argentina (all Spanish-speaking countries), learning the language is becoming necessary for many brands. So, for Canadian industries to target the Hispanic market is a smart choice!

Expand your business with Hispanic market

As a result, employers are also seeking out bilingual candidates. Toronto, for example, has one of Canada’s largest marketers for bilingual job seekers as well due to the high number of multinational companies’ headquarters located in the city. More so, 70% of Spanish speakers living in Canada reside in Ontario.

Hence, investing in translating your company’s content and overall copy to Spanish is key to opening the doors to new profitable markets and a wider audience. But, remember that Spanish is a complex language with essential variations depending on the sector/region you are located in (or planning to target.) Thus, it is highly advisable to hire experts that can help you translate and develop your messages most efficiently and effectively.

At Spanishwriterpro, you can hire a professional freelance copywriter to write your website’s content in Spanish and help you develop marketing or promotional copy for your Spanish-speaking audience.

The Importance of Spanish in CanadaQuick facts about Spanish language

And if you are still not convinced of the importance of Spanish from a business standpoint, check out these facts:

  1. Spanish is the official language in 20+ countries across the globe, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Spain, Venezuela, and more.
  2. In North America (i.e., Canada, the United States, and Mexico), there are roughly 155 million Spanish speakers.
  3. The $1.3 trillion United States’ Hispanic market is higher than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world. And the U.S. is one of Canada’s key business and commercial markets.

Therefore, the importance of Spanish and the Hispanic market in Canada is no longer something that can be ignored. Thus, catering to Spanish speakers by translating your website, marketing efforts, promotional content, and including bilingual members on your staff can represent a stepping stone for your company — resulting in higher profits, more sales, and a more significant share of the market.

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