The secret of OROGOLD cosmetics

The secret of OROGOLD cosmetics
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This article we would like to dedicate to OROGOLD – an exceptional line of cosmetics.

A little bit of history

For centuries, pure gold has been used by the privileged and the wealthy as the secret to more youthful, beautiful skin. The ancient Egyptians regarded beauty as a sign of holiness that is why cosmetics were an integral part of their daily lives. It is said that Cleopatra slept with a mask of pure gold for a timeless, flawless and radiant appearance. In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the key to youth; as the queen of the Ch’ing dynasty used a gold massage roller on her face daily. The concept of gold facial is deemed to be based on “Ayurveda” and acts as a powerful anti-aging treatment.

OROGOLD is perfect for those who desire the utmost luxury in their beauty routines. Pumper your skin with OROGOLD and keep you looking your best in the most glamorous way possible.

A little bit of science

Human skin has a low permeability, that is, most foreign substances are unable to penetrate and diffuse through the skin. Skin’s outermost layer is an effective barrier to most inorganic nanosized particles. This protects the body from external particles such as toxins by not allowing them to come into contact with internal tissues. However, in skin care it is desirable to allow some particles entry to the deepest skin layers.

OROGOLD contains the colloidal gold, “Elixir of Life”, in its luxurious formula and makes it possible to take advantage of the ancient secrets that for centuries has been used by the privileged and the wealthy as the secret to more youthful and beautiful skin.

Colloidal gold is a suspension of nanoparticles of gold in a fluid, usually water. Due to the unique optical, electronic, and molecular-recognition properties of gold nanoparticles, they are the subject of substantial research, with applications in a wide variety of areas including skin care. Gold nanoparticles 40nm in diameter or smaller are used to penetrate to the epidermis to cure and rejuvenate the skin.

And a lot for a sparkling smooth skin

Now you know that wearing gold jewelry is not the only way to glitter. The use of OROGOLD will improve your skin and beauty and make heads turn and keep all eyes glazing on you. Yes, the desirable metal is now ready to work wonders on your skin and makes you look radiant. No kidding!

Give yourself an OROGOLD present! You worth it!

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