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The Canada Council for the Arts’ Theatre Section provides creation, production, dissemination and play translation assistance to professional Canadian theatre artists and organizations. The Theatre Section also contributes to operating costs and touring costs in Canada and abroad, as well as to special initiatives for the promotion of co-productions and artistic collaborations at the national and international levels.

Grant Programs

  • Grants to Theatre Artists: Creation/Residency/ Professional Development
  • Travel Grants to Theatre Artists
  • Theatre Production Project Grants for Emerging Artists
  • Theatre Production Project Grants for Established Artists
  • Developmental Support to Aboriginal Theatre Organizations
  • Artists and Community Collaboration Program in Theatre
  • Travel Assistance for Theatre Artistic Directors, Administrators and Presenters
  • Operating Grants to Professional Theatre Organizations
  • Theatre Touring and Special Initiatives Program
  • Theatre International Program
  • Support to Theatre Service Organizations
  • The Flying Squad: An Organizational Development Program
  • Visiting Foreign Artists Program

Endowments and Prizes

  • Theatre for Young Audiences Prizes
  • John Hobday Awards in Arts Management
  • Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Awards
  • J.B.C. Watkins Award
  • Japan-Canada Fund
  • John Hirsch Prize
  • Molson Prizes
  • Peter Dwyer Scholarships
  • Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts

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