Tips on Choosing Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet
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Your wedding day is a special one: you want it all to go perfectly, right down to the flowers. Here at Flowers Time, we can certainly help with that.

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Perhaps you need some assistance with choosing the right type, color and style for your wedding bouquet. This is an important element of your wedding because it’s front and center as you walk down the aisle. Check out these five tips on choosing the right flowers for your bouquet:

Consult with a professional

Your bouquet will appear in all your formal photographs and videos; therefore, you have to make a grand statement about your personality as well as your style and the season. Consulting with a professional florist is your best bet when it comes to choosing not only the right flowers, such as roses or lilies, but also the right colors that complement each other. Accents such as babies breath and greenery are also needed for strategic placement to make just the right impact. Your florist will have seasonal flowers in stock and can recommend color schemes and designs that will complement your dress and venue.

Set a realistic budget

Bridal Guide recommends allocating three percent of your wedding budget to flowers and surrounding décor. You don’t have to spend this much, and you can certainly go over if you want, but it’s important to sit down beforehand with your spouse-to-be and your florist to decide which flowers are in season and which designs will be most in line with your budget.

Consider the season

Perhaps you’re going for red roses as part of a romantic, cozy winter wedding, or maybe you’re having a fall wedding and want to incorporate bright orange Dahlia and Gerbera. Maybe it’s a summer wedding and you would just love white lilies. Not only will choosing in-season flowers save you money, it will also help you best match the surroundings.

Take into account the style of your bridal gown

First off, don’t order your wedding bouquet until you have purchased your dress. That’s because the right bouquet for you will depend largely on the type, style and detail of the dress you’ll be wearing. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by your bouquet but yet you want it to complement what you’re wearing. Your best bet is to bring a picture of your gown to your florist.

Get personal

Make your bouquet stand out by incorporating something uniquely special to you, such as your beloved grandmother’s brooch, a lace hanky handed down through the generations, or a particular flower that holds special appeal to you. This is even a great time to incorporate “something old something new something borrowed something blue.”

Your wedding flowers are highly personal, so take the time to really think about which blooms you will include in it. Choose Flowers Time ( for help in coordinating your wedding bouquet. Servicing the Greater Toronto Area, we are your number one destination for all wedding flowers, from bouquets to centerpieces!

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