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If you are a business woman you cannot but use gadgets. It’s not about helpful devices on your kitchen or in the gym, but all those useful gadgets you can use in your everyday life, even on the go. Some of them are good for your business traveling. Nevertheless, there are many others girly gadgets that every business lady MUST HAVE.

TOP 10 Smart Girly Gadgets that Every Lady MUST HAVE

1. Car Charger

You have to take a lot of things with you, and gadgets among them. You have to charge your telephone, laptop and other gadgets on time. There is one thing you should never forget – USB charging ports for cars. It can easily take care of your charging problem. This is the best solution if you are going to rent a car. The charger plugs in to a car’s charging port and gives enough power to every your device.

2. Charging Cosmetic Bag

Of course, the bag is made for keeping cosmetics. But you can also use it for charging small gadget just from your bag. There are large main compartment for cosmetics and four separate pockets. The price of it can be about $50.

3. Things Finder

There are many gadgets on the market that can help you to find your lost things or pets. As a rule, it may be a small stick that you have to put on your phone or something you want to find or follow. You can easily find your keys in the bag, wallet, or just find a car on a big parking. You need to upload a special app to make your things to give a sound every time you are near. It’s very comfortable.

4. Producing music

There are many speakers that every respectable lady may use. You should find one that is good for listening to music on the go. You don’t need special cables to connect the speakers with your phone. You may use Bluetooth. The speakers are small in size to carry them in your handbag!

TOP 10 Smart Girly Gadgets that Every Lady MUST HAVE5. Headphones

Headphones are needed for traveling. They are also good for a long flight or situations when you badly need to take some rest and stay in quiet by reading a book or listening light music. Such world popular brands as BOSE, Sony, Beats, produce good head phones for traveling. They are not cheap, but the sound is amazing. The headphones are also good for noise control, especially if you are traveling by train, city bus. Try on!

6. Bracelet Tracker

If you want to know how much fit and active you are, you may use special tracker even on your business vacation. The most popular fitness product line is FitBit. Their bracelets look stylish! So, make a rule to make no less than 10000 steps a day and watch your success. There are many interesting fitness bracelets from the other producers. Find them and pick the best.

7. Transportation Bag

If you are a business lady you need to take your laptop or iPad always with you. Besides, you look great when you come to the meeting with a stylish bag, but not with a backpack! Look through Zafino assortment for laptops. They are stylish, extremely practical with many pockets and compartments. You can pack not only your laptop here, but phone, papers, even your cosmetic bag to have everything at hand.

TOP 10 Smart Girly Gadgets that Every Lady MUST HAVE8. Photo Printer

Do you still keep all you photos on your smartphone? Of course, it is very comfortable. You can take pictures and share them all with friends in one click. If you have few special photos to have in your pocket, you can easily print them. Oh, don’t worry, you shouldn’t look for a business center in a new city! Give a chance to the HP Sprocket! What a stylish thing it is! It looks like your smartphone! The price can vary from $130 and up to!

9. Bracelet & Smart watch

If you have a smart watch, you probably want to keep everything under your control! Good for you! Don’t you want a nice stylish watch with a vibration alerts, music, tracker, pictures, automatic time-zone changing? It doesn’t need charging. By the way, it looks good with your clothes, casual or business, whenever you go.

TOP 10 Smart Girly Gadgets that Every Lady MUST HAVE10. QBracelet

One more bracelet for all, who like travelling light-handed. The bracelet looks like a nice bangle, but it is also used to charge your phone. It gives your iPhone a 50 percent charge. You can buy this device for about $150 done in elegant black, matte silver, or polished gold.

There are many other interesting gadgets that every business lady MUST HAVE. You may use them all regularly. Undoubtedly, all these small and helpful devices are invented to make your life easier. Which of them do you use? It would be great to read about it – send us an email!

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