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This winter, whether you plan to go for snowboarding or heli-skiing British Columbia will prove to be an amazing holiday destination to spend your winter vacations in a fun and memorable way!

Top 5 Reasons to Visit British Columbia in Winter AllOntario1

Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Situated on the Vancouver Island, Mount Washington resort is a popular choice for professional skiers and snowboarders. Known as one of the biggest ski resorts in British Columbia, Mount Washington houses everything imaginable to enjoy winter sports. Accompanied with downhill hills for conventional skiing, trails and terrain parks for hikers and skiers, the resort has something for everyone.

The resort even offers relaxation massages to guests which is a perfect way to relax your mind and unwind after a thrilling day of heli skiing. The best time to visit Mt. Washington is during the holiday season as the resort knows how to celebrate the winter season in its full glory.

If you wish to spend your vacation in more peace and tranquility, then head over to the resort’s alpine village. The village’s natural serene beauty is something that one does not get to see quite often, especially in a busy country like Canada which makes it a popular traveling destination for travelers visiting North British Columbia during the winter season.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit British Columbia in Winter AllOntario2

Winter Carnival in Ross land

Ross land is yet another popular holiday spot in British Columbia. The city is located in the Kootenays and is visited by both; professional as well as new skiers for skiing during the winter months. Apart from skiing, the city is also popular for its winter festival.

The 3-day long winter carnival takes place every year and begins in January. The carnival is perfect for those who are vacationing with their family. The festival consists of a winter themed variety show and its signature bobsled race competition. The carnival also features some entertaining musical performances and intricate sculptures carved out of ice. As the carnival caters to all age groups, younger kids can enjoy ice skating and fun ice slide rides.

Ross land is an ideal place for skiing as it houses some amazing slopes for skiing. The city’s main attraction for travelers and skiers is probably the RED mountain, which is a great place for both; skiing and lodging.


The World Ski & Snowboard Festival (WSSF)

WSSF is a winter festival that takes place every year at Whistler. Apart from winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing, the festival is a great place for art and music lovers as well. There are several art and music competitions that take place at the festival every year. From photography to comedy challenges, the festival has something in store for everyone. Live musical performances and movie screenings make the festival stand apart from other festive shows and carnivals during the holiday season.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit British Columbia in Winter4

Sun Peaks Winter Wine and Food Festival

The Winter Wine and Food Festival in Okanagan is a 10-day winter treat for food enthusiasts that begins in January. The festival gives you a great chance to relax and enjoy great food with your family and friends. The festival hosts a couple of events that have been specially designed for wine tasting. The festival hosts live music concerts and an exquisite wine and cheese pairing party.

Sun Peaks features Canada’s second biggest ski area which is perfect to ski and loose some extra calories after enjoying a hearty meal at the festival. Apart from skiing and sampling of wine and assorted cheese, there are a variety of different snow activities that one can enjoy at Sun Peaks. From dog sledding to fishing; one can have fun with an interesting mix of various snow games and activities here.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit British Columbia in Winter AllOntario5

Cold snap Winter Music Festival

Prince George is probably one of the few less explored cities of British Columbia. The city has some great tourist attractions for those who are visiting the city for the first time. The city is perfect for playing winter games and sports such as skating, snowshoeing and skiing.

Apart from winter sports and activities, the city has some amazing cafes and shops as well. The Cold snap Music Festival, however, is the major attraction for tourists visiting Prince George. It is a weeklong music festival where local musicians give live performances. If you are a fan of folk music and want to explore traditional Canadian music, then you must visit Prince George on your winter trip to Canada.

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