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As an effective and reliable musician, having a great set of headphones is only fitting and suitable. Aside from your own entertainment, headphones are one of the best tools and accessories that you will need for your career, especially if you are intending to be a professional in this line.

If you are looking for the best headphones for musicians in the end of the 2019 year, here are some sets that you may want to check for your next purchase:

Sony MDR-7506

Sony is one of the most prominent names when it comes to musical instruments and equipment. While the number of headphones under this brand is already too large, the new Sony MDR-7506 might just be the one that you need.

As it happens, it is designed for professional use – thanks to its large diaphragm feature. It offers neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers that allow the headphones to produce detailed and powerful sound.

Its frequency response is rated between 10 hertz and 20 kilohertz. Also, it’s very comfortable, foldable, and portable – so, you can bring it anywhere with you.

Audio Technica ATH-M40x

If you want an inexpensive option, but still offers similar features as the one Sony offers, the Audio Technica ATH-M40x might be more suitable for you. It features 40mm drivers as well as rare earth magnets and copper cl materials.

Based on actual users, this set is tuned flat for accurate sound distribution across all frequency ranges. In terms of its comfortability and ease of use, it’s very comfortable as it fits the ears perfectly, which makes it ideal for sound isolation.

Some would even call this set as the most durable over-ear headphones, thanks to its professional-grade earpad and headband material.

Top 6 Best Headphones for MusiciansAKG K240 Semi-Open Studio

Another inexpensive option that you may want to check is the AKG K240 Semi-Open Studio headphones. While it may not offer the same innovative features as the one Sony and Audio Technica has, it is still deemed as a great set of headphones for musicians today.

It mainly features the brand’s very own patented Varimotion Diaphragm function for better accuracy on response for any music level. Also, it comes with its popular Gimbal-type Suspension, which offers great comfortability and effective ergonomics for the users.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

If you prefer a set of headphones that is mainly designed for mixing, editing, and mastering sounds, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO might be the best one for you. However, its cost may come a little higher than the average rate. Even so, the quality and performance are ensured as per actual users.

It is also deemed as an ideal set of headphones for studio applications. The frequency response range is deemed to be around 5 to 35.000 Hz, with nominal sound pressure rated at 96 dB.

In terms of its durability, it is a hard-wearing type, thanks to its robust workmanship.

Extreme Isolation EX-29

The Extreme Isolation EX-29 from Direct Sound is also a great set of headphones for musicians in recent times. As per experts, this one is ideal for beginners and newbies in the field. Thanks to its ease of use and overall comfortability, many new musicians can practice their primary skills with this set.

It also falls under the inexpensive range of headphones. Although it may not offer the most innovative features and functionalities, it is still deemed as great for musicians. Not to mention, the materials used in its construction are all “green,” which makes the whole product environment-friendly.

Top 6 Best Headphones for Musicians AllOntarioShure SRH840

For high-end headphones, consumers will certainly come across Shure SRH840. It is a set ideal for professional musicians who are focused on monitoring and editing. Based on claims, it delivers rich bass, extended highs, and clear mid-range.

Also, it is optimized for studio monitoring and recording, and critical listening. So, this might be also one of the best options for you, especially if you are looking for a set that is designed for studio purposes.

The Best Headphones Today

All of the products given are deemed as today’s most ideal and best headphones on the current market. As it happens, each of the sets has its own advantages and pros. Conversely, there are also drawbacks and cons for each. Nevertheless, it is still worth noting that there is no perfect product.

So, before heading out to make your next purchase, you may want to consider some factors first. But, if you are already settled with your preferences, these headphones may help you with your search.

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