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A reclining chair has been around for quite some time now, but the general aesthetics and comfort level has changed over the years. Nowadays, it is the epitome of the technology-meets-comfort concept. It is not only about reclining anymore. It also consists of foamed and padded seats and rests that can suck out all your tiredness in one go. Imagine having a hard day at work and then coming home and curling into a comfortable reclining chair. It is one of the best feelings ever. Even for people with back and spine problems, these recliners are a very good therapy as the medical aspect of it is also kept in mind while manufacturing.

Top 6 most comfortable and stylish reclining chairs for your homeSince many people are opting to buy a recliner these days, many companies have started manufacturing them. Each of them intends to overshadow the others in terms of comfort and design. However, what it has done is spoilt the potential customers for choice. Making an informed choice is very important. Here is a list of 6 best reclining chairs from recent times. You can make your pick based on your requirements.

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

The first one in the list takes your health into concern principally. If you have some issues with your back or are elderly and cannot get up from a sitting position easily, this powerlifter recliner chair is the best for you. It has three positions, reclining, sitting, and lifting, and the transition between them is very smooth. You can set it up easily, reading the user manual. The stability of the chair is due to the metal frame, and the upholstery made of microfiber ensures that it can be used on a daily basis. Thus, this recliner is perfect in all aspects.

Giantex Manual Recliner

If you are one of the puritans who believe in a manual recliner chair more than an electric one, you need not go any further. The recliner is foldable and extremely comfortable, as well. Thus, if you are looking to take a quick nap, you have the perfect spot ready. The weight capacity of the chair is 250 lbs. Overweight people need not worry as well. It has a backrest that goes back and leg rest that goes up by a single press of one lever. All you have to do is use it, and the padded foamed seat will take care of the rest. If your budget is restricted and not very high, the Giantex Manual Recliner is the ideal one for you.

Mac Motion Recliner Chair

If fashion and aesthetics hold a very high place as far as selecting a recliner chair are concerned, this is the one for you. Place it in any room, and it will be the most attractive piece of furniture, undoubtedly. The grain leather on top and the salt and walnut color contributes considerably to its beauty. The lumbar support and the headrest make it ideal for people with back pain as well. The recline is about 45 degrees, and it swivels a full 360 degrees. It is ideal for deskwork due to the way it is arranged. However, if you are exhausted and need to catch a power nap, this will double as a bed for you as well.

Hesse Manual Recliner

A potent way to judge how good a recliner is by the customer feedback that it gets from the users. On this particular aspect, the Hesse Recliner comes out on top. The number of 5-star reviews it has got is second to none. One of the main reasons why customers rave so much about the Hesse Manual Recliner is because it is a perfect size as it is neither too big or too small. The best part about it is the variety of colors that you can choose from. If you are one with an eccentric fashion sense, you have found your match.

Contemporary Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

Though most of the recliners are for adults, this one is for the little ones. Therefore, the features that are added to it correspond to the requirements of children. It is smaller in size and can fit in the playroom perfectly. It comes with a cup holder where your kid can keep different stuff, according to the choice. There are a lot of options in colors, and this is one significant aspect of why children are attracted to it. The material ranges from vinyl to microfiber and is convenient, as well. Convert it into a study desk as and when required, as well.

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

Imagine a reclining chair that can both lift and lower itself. Sounds fascinating, right? That is precisely why the MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner has made it to the list and many people’s living room in the recent past. Elderly people need a slight push while getting up from a chair, and this model provides that in the form of a lift. Thus, the efforts are substantially reduced. There are control buttons on a remote, and you can control the movements of the chair through it. It comes with a massage system, as well. You can even target a specific area of your body for massage for maximum relaxation, making it one of the best power recliners available in the market these days.

Now that you have a list of the 6 best recliners choose one according to your budget, convenience, and preference.

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