Tornado Plumbing crews are licensed plumbers in Ontario and are perfectly equipped for clog removal and drain cleaning! Every truck is equipped with cable machines that are designed for being inserted into the clogged drain and removing the obstruction.

Toronto Drain Cleaning and Clog RemovalEach of the cable machines has multiple cutting heads at the end of the cable, so that when it spins, those heads are cutting all the garbage or any other materials causing the clog. Then the drains are flushed with water and special solution under high pressure to remove any residue that may have been left. Because clog is removed physically by cable with cutting heads, there is no need to use heavy chemicals that will harm the environment and inhabitants of the house.

Whenever you have a clogged drain at home or in the office and you need a help of certified professional, do not hesitate to call Tornado Plumbing. Their experts will clean your drains in no time (there are multiple crews spread out across Toronto and GTA, which decreases the amount of time needed to get to the location with plumbing emergency).

There different types of drain clogs, it could be something very simple like kitchen grease or something more serious like tree roots. In both of these scenarios Tornado Plumbing is the best solution, the normal flow in your drains is guaranteed after service.

Emergency 24/7 service is available for those households that need plumbing help urgently due to pipe burst or clog. Tornado Plumbing experts will clean your drains and remove the clog, even it was something that your child had flushed down the toilet. The toilet might need to be temporary removed to fix the issue, but don’t worry, it will be installed back right after the clog was removed and everything is going to be cleaned, so you don’t have to deal with it yourself.

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