Two Insurance Plans in One: Life LTC Advance

Life LTC Advance
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I’d like to start this article with WOW! This new insurance product from Desjardins is just great! Desjardins Insurance has been offering a wide range of life and health insurance for more than a century but this time it’s something unique.

The Life with LTC Advance provides you with permanent life insurance benefits and permanent long term care (LTC) coverage.

It includes:

  • Two Plans in ONE – Flexible and Economical
  • LTC Underwritten as Life Insurance
  • Pays out on BOTH Temporary and Permanent Loss of Independence
  • All benefits paid are TAX-FREE
  • Universal Life benefits available
  • Guaranteed Level Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Maximum 125% payout of your initial life insurance amount

Please see one EXAMPLE:

Client Male, age 50, non-smoker, could choose:

  • Traditional T100 life insurance policy (Level COI) for $100,000; $126.94/month


  • with the NEW Life LTC Advance the same client could have Life AND LTC protection for just $17.75/month more ( $144.69/month total premium )

The Life portion of the contract pays their estate a life insurance benefit, and the LTC Advance option provides a monthly benefit to insureds who require long-term or home care.

Let’s consider the “Life” portion of the Life LTC Advance insurance plan:

Permanent life insurance is exactly what it proclaims, a type of permanent life policy that has no term or age limit. It does not expire. This policy remains in force unless the insured stops paying the premiums. Permanent life insurance is good for the estate planning reasons and the wealth protection. Actually, it is the best way to transfer wealth to your children. In the event of your death, your beneficiaries will receive the policy benefit tax-free. You can use a permanent life insurance policy to ensure that your surviving spouse and dependent children have access to the funds they need to maintain their quality of life should you pass away.

Life insurance won’t keep people from dying, but it will keep their plans from dying with them. (Carlos Banhelyi)

And now let’s take a look at the “LTC” portion of the Life LTC Advance insurance plan:

People’s needs are changing along with changing life cycles. It’s easy to take our ability to perform day-to-day activities for granted, but this can change… especially as we age. Individuals who require long-term care are generally not sick in the traditional sense, but instead, are unable to perform the basic activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating, using the bathroom, transferring (getting in and out of a bed or chair), and walking.

Today, natural caregivers are finding it hard to juggle all of their responsibilities: working, providing for their children and caring for their aging parents. Increasingly, long-term care involves providing a level of medical care that requires the expertise of skilled practitioners to address the often multiple chronic conditions associated with older populations. Life LTC Advance provides people with financial assistance so they don’t have to worry about becoming a burden to their loved ones.

Whether a man buys long-term care insurance or not, someone always has to pay for it; the question is, who … the man or his family?

But while everybody talks about the aging population, the issues of loss of independence, home care and long-term care remain taboo. “People understand what life insurance is. But aging is something people are reluctant to talk about. That’s why we chose to develop a product that would make sure insureds could afford the care they need while still leaving something to their loved ones,” said Ms. Tremblay from Desjardins Insurance.

It’s a good idea to buy a long-term care insurance plan if you want flexibility and control on your life and don’t want to rely on the government or others for your care. If you expect to be a caregiver for your spouse or parent and would like to have the financial freedom to care for them, you can insure them and protect yourself.

I can explain in details how you can benefit out of the Life LTC Advance insurance plan. Just call me at 416-822-2698. The talk is cheap. It’s absolutely free and you are under no obligation to accept the quote you’ll receive.

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