Unique Home Decor from Toronto Mural Artist

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Painted decoration of interior space is one of the oldest art forms and still one of the main methods of home decoration. It is an amazing art that customizes interiors and reflects the taste of the owners.

For the reason that artistic painting can transform any space beyond all recognition, it has found its place amongst residential, commercial and institutional spaces throughout the centuries.

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Suitable for walls, ceilings, large open rooms, children’s rooms, small hallways, swimming pools etc. based on the stylistic features of the interior, a true professional can design, develop and implement a genuine masterpiece with desired effects, which will be long admired by the owners and their guests. A professional artist not only observes technology to ensure quality and reliability of finishes, but is able to change the space and make the interior of a qualitatively new, higher level.

A vast body of knowledge and skills, experience and talent has become a powerful creative force of Mila Tereshchenko to create individual, complex and high-quality work in interior design and decoration. Every project that she takes on whether residential, commercial or institutional is completed at customer’s satisfaction and with unparalleled quality. Among her clients are such sophisticated customers as International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and a giant like Outwater Architectural Products Inc.

Her portfolio includes many projects in Casa Loma, over 60 indoor murals for the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, outdoor murals for the City of Toronto, restoration of historic churches and decoration of Hindu temples, and countless high-end residential projects.

Her work was appreciated by British Royal Family, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Jean Chrétien and was blessed by Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa’s headquarters, both in Rome and in India.

Mila Tereshchenko, highly educated visual artist, Owner of Royal Design and Décor possess deep knowledge in technology of historic finishes and is the author of textbooks on the subject. This is why she also involved in numerous restoration projects including furniture restoration and design of new furniture with historic finishes.

Moreover, she is involved in educational programs all over Ontario; she teaches specialty finishing and mural painting for the ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Ontario Women’s Directorate, City of Toronto, International Union of Painters and Allied trades, Ontario Industrial and Finishing Skills Center, Aboriginal authorities and other, both in class and on-the-job. Mila develops and teaches from one-day workshops to 40-week full time programs.

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