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Are you sick of getting up every morning and facing the same old boring breakfast? It can be difficult to drum up any enthusiasm if you’re sitting down to the same old bowl of plain cereal every day or rushing to grab a couple of slices of toast before heading out of the door on the way to work. However, breakfast can be a true pleasure if you eat the right foods. Also, eating breakfast every day will help you to maintain a healthy body weight and will set you up for the day with plenty of energy. If you’re keen to eat breakfast but are looking for more inspiration, we’ve got some options for you to try.

Are you ready to discover four exciting breakfasts that will have you jumping out of bed when the alarm goes off?

Wake Up Right: 4 Breakfasts That Are Anything but BoringApple Pie Porridge

Porridge is a very nutritious breakfast which is incredibly good for you. It will help to get your day off to the best possible start thanks to its energy released carbohydrate content while its delicious apple pie flavors will really tantalize your tastebuds. All you’ll need is some basic porridge oats and milk together with a diced apple and a pinch of cinnamon. Put all of the ingredients into a pan and heat up until it boils. Lower the flame and gently simmer for just five minutes, stirring frequently to avoid burning. Spoon your delicious porridge into a bowl, grab a spoon, sprinkle on some cinnamon and you’re ready to enjoy a tasty breakfast that will really wake you up.

Green Eggs and Toast

Eggs are one of the best things to eat in the morning. Packed with protein and low in fat, they make you feel full so you’re less likely to gorge on unhealthy snacks during the day. If ordinary scrambled eggs doesn’t excite you, try making green eggs instead. Make standard scrambled eggs but add a handful of spinach. Pop some bread in the toaster and serve on buttery toast for a delicious and nutritious start to the day that Dr Seuss would have been proud of (especially if you add a slice of ham!) There’s no better way to have a nice breakfast.

Wake Up Right: 4 Breakfasts That Are Anything but Boring AllOntarioSalmon Bagel

If you’re looking for something more luxurious for your breakfast, why not start the day in true deli style with a smoked salmon bagel? It’s a protein packed start to the day with just enough carbohydrates to give you energy through your money. Simply toast your bagel, spread it with reduced fat cream cheese and top it with some sliced smoked salmon. Squeeze on a little lemon juice and add a tiny pinch of black pepper for the perfect breakfast.

Wake Up Right: 4 Breakfasts That Are Anything but BoringA Healthy Smoothie

Do you need to eat breakfast on the go? If you just don’t have time to sit down to a healthy cooked breakfast or a complicated dish in the morning, why not opt for a healthy smoothie instead? You can whip this up just before heading out of the door and drink it on the road for a nutritious and exciting beginning to your day. It’s also a brilliant way to include more fruit and vegetables into your diet and to give your 5 a day a much needed boost. This breakfast smoothie requires some tinned slices of mango and tinned slices of peach. Add a handful of frozen spinach, a banana and 200 mls of water and whizz it up in your blender. Just blend until all the ingredients are smooth, pour into a travel mug and sip it as you head to work. It serves dual function, keeping you hydrated and satisfied at the same time. It’s a truly tasty way to begin the day.

Any of these four healthy breakfast options are much more exciting than the standard breakfast cereal, breakfast pastries or toast option that so many of us resort to at the beginning of the day. Once you’ve tried these tasty options, you’ll never go back to eating a boring breakfast again. In fact, you’ll be inspired to look for other exciting breakfast options that will get every single day off to the best possible start.

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