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You have got engaged, and probably everyone is asking about your wedding date. In Toronto, planning a perfect wedding takes about eight months to one and a half years depending on your preferred vendors. Most wedding ceremonies are held during the summer or fall due to the warm weather and the blossoming flowers in parks and perfect deals on honeymoon trips.

Before you begin planning for your wedding, it’s important to know that the world of weddings seems full of infinite possibilities. Perhaps this is the reason most brides find the entire wedding planning process overwhelming. If you feel like you aren’t going to get it all done in time, rest assured that planning a wedding is easier than you think. Here is everything you need to know. WeddingWire has incredibly helpful wedding planning tools, everything you need to walk down the aisle with your sweetheart.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should KnowBook Your Wedding Vendors

You didn’t take a second thought to say ‘yes’ when that perfect man asked if you would marry him. You have told your friends and family about your engagement, and you can’t help showing off that stunning ring on your left hand. What you shouldn’t forget is that a reliable wedding vendor can help you make your wedding day a memorable event.

If you can’t imagine getting married without a professional photographer capturing your happiest moments or a specific local band playing at the reception, act fast. Most florists, DJs, wedding music bands, photographers, limo services, and party bus services are always in high demand. Therefore, you should book these in-demand wedding vendors eight months or one year before your wedding day. It’s very frustrating to realize that your favorite wedding venue or photographer is gone, only a few days before your wedding.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should Know AllOntarioBook your wedding caterer

Here is the thing about most weddings these days: you have to serve your guests food. It’s time to get down to business and find the right wedding catering specialist to bring your desired wedding feast to life. Tackle this task at least five to six months before your day. It takes time to think through the right menu for wedding guests.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should Know

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should Know AllOntarioChoose a wedding dress

Finding your dream wedding dress can be stressful. After all, you have never tried one before, and perhaps it’s the most expensive garment you will ever own. As such, the entire process of choosing the right wedding gown feels like the pressure is on. Your dress sets the tone for the entire wedding ceremony. With every eye on you, not to mention the photographs you will keep forever, it’s advisable to choose a perfect wedding dress for your big day. You should make this choice three to four months before your wedding day because you may want to tweak its design to fit your requirements.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should KnowHairstyle and makeup for your wedding

There’s no doubt that you want to look your best on your big day. You have chosen a perfect wedding gown, and now you need the right hairstyle and outstanding makeup to pull the entire stunning bridal look together.

When it comes to choosing your preferred hairstyle, you should consider if you want your hair partway up, down or up. Choose a hairstyle that complements your wedding dress, your hair type, and wedding theme as well. It’s advisable to work with a beauty expert to help you determine the best hairstyle.

Choosing your wedding makeup isn’t like finding your every-day makeup. You should consider how it will appear in pictures, how it will complement your hairstyle and dress, and the time of the day the event will take place. Choose your makeup and hairstyle a month before your big day and schedule a hairstyle and makeup trial. This will present you a chance to make everything perfect.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should Know AllOntarioDo your preferred cosmetic procedures

Feeling and looking your best on the most important day in your life shouldn’t be just a consideration; it’s a mission. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated in the months leading up to the wedding day often fall by the wayside for most brides, taking a toll on their skins. In some instances, you, the bride, may consider some cosmetic procedure to enhance your looks.

Botox injections can help you achieve a smooth, polished complexion before your big day. Other procedures such as lip augmentation, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, facials, and more can help highlight your beauty. But keep in mind, most of these procedures may require some time to heal and bring the desired results. Therefore, get all your cosmetic procedures done at least two weeks before the ceremony.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should Know AllOntarioBook Teeth Whitening Appointment in Time

Considering how many times your friends, family, and photographer will shoot ‘smile!’ photographs on your wedding day, it’s crucial to ensure that your pearly whites are looking their best. Discolored, chipped, and cracked teeth are some of the issues you should deal with prior to your wedding. It is wise to schedule an appointment with a reputable dentist a week before your wedding and get the best teeth whitening procedure.

Wedding Plan Overview: What Every Bride Should Know AllOntarioAvoid Alcohol Intake

Some people think it’s a perfect idea to have a bachelor party with lots of drinks right before the wedding day. However, that never turns out well. You might have several issues with your wedding to handle and you will probably feel stressed and exhausted, a glass of wine to relax would help, but consuming a whole bottle of tequila a night before isn’t a wise decision.

Instead, focus on getting enough rest, perform light exercises, quit caffeine, avoid alcohol, and do other things that can help you look healthy and happy during your big day. The worst thing you can do is take too much alcohol a day before your wedding day. No one celebrates a bride with a swollen face battling with hangovers.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy for brides. However, understanding what you need makes it easier for you to know when to book for wedding vendors, choose a wedding dress, schedule hairstyle, and makeup services, perform any preferred cosmetic procedure, and more.

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