What is basement lowering?

What is basement lowering?
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If you, like many other people, are living in an older home that only has a crawl space underneath it or your actual basement just doesn’t offer the headroom you want, basement lowering is a feasible project that can give you an extensive amount of extra living space.

Why you might need it?

The most common method contractors use to lower a basement is basement underpinning. It is also used to strengthen the foundation of a building, which has degraded over time, due to soil movement and hydrostatic pressure or due to being built faultily from the beginning. Contractors also adopt this method when the owner wants to add another level, so it can handle the extra weight. Basement underpinning is one of those jobs that aren’t suitable to amateurs, so make sure you choose an experienced contractor, or you could end up with a structurally damaged foundation.

How do you start?

To begin this project, you will need to assign a licensed construction engineer, one who has done this kind of thing before, to prepare the necessary drawings and have them submitted to the Municipality to get the building permit. You can then contact a reputable basement lowering contractor, who will take care of the project details.

The first thing they will do is remove the basement concrete floor to get to the soil. Holes will be excavated at certain points where the weight bearing supports will be installed. After that, the soil will be excavated at a specified depth and disposed of, followed by the unearthing of sections below the foundation footing and filling them with concrete.

The previous step will be repeated until all of the sections will be completed. The next course of action is the installation of the interior weeping tile system and the sump pump, followed by the coating of the walls with a special waterproofing membrane. The basement floor will be insulated with a polyethylene layer and the new concrete slab will be poured.

Lowering your basement comes with many benefits.

The most important one is you can increase your living space by up to 50%. There’s no more reason to move to another house when your family is getting bigger or you want your very own recreational room.

More space also means the value of the house will be greatly increased. If you are going to sell it one day, you’ll stand to make more profit by lowering your basement instead of extending your house or converting the attic, taking less money out of your pocket.

Speaking of money, you can use the new space as an additional source of income by renting it out. On top of all of these advantages, there is also the health factor. You won’t have to worry anymore about respiratory diseases from mold and fungi, caused by high levels of dampness. It’s up to you to keep it clean, just like any other room in the house.

If you want your basement lowered by a professional, Zucco Construction is the company with the experience and skills you need. For more details, call 416-822-8832 or visit www.zuccoconstruction.com.

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