What Window Styles to Choose From?

Window style
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There is no feeling more relaxing than sitting calmly in your house while enjoying a spectacular view and basking in incoming sunlight. Most people don’t even think of their window style, but what they don’t realize is only the right kind of window can make the above scenario possible.

Whether you’re thinking of redesigning your house or planning to build a new home, follow the tips below to pick the perfect window style.

  1. Match with your house: Every house has a unique architectural theme. Make sure your windows match this theme and avoid glaring irregularities. Avoid installing clashing window styles no matter how good they look on their own.
  2. Function: A window doesn’t have to be just a window. It can serve as an entryway, or you could modify it by adding a window seat. If you’re only considering lighting, you’ll have to make it as large as possible. If you’re also considering form, you’ll be constrained by other factors (such as your house’s style).
  3. Ventilation: Windows are also used for ventilation. You’ll have to consider that when deciding on your design. Operable windows can be opened and closed to allow air flow and circulation, but fixed windows can’t. Most people decide on the window type separately for each room. Rooms that require only lighting get fixed windows while rooms that are likely to host people get operable ones.
  4. The interior effect: Although your windows will mainly be viewed from the outside, remember they will affect your indoor experience as well. Privacy and security are also important considerations, especially if your house exists in a very public area. So, make sure they don’t provide direct viewing angles from outside.

The factors above are just a few that need to be considered when choosing a window style for your house. The full list of considerations contains pages and pages worth of content and we can’t very well cover all that now, can we?

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