Tuberculosis is an extremely transmittable condition affecting your lungs. The bacteria are transmitted from one person to another via little droplets of moisture discharged into the air through excessive sneezing or coughing. The patients having the condition must go through a TB test or examination under the supervision of a medical professional. One must take medication for many months to eliminate the infection, thus preventing the development of antibiotic resistance.

What You Must Know about the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of TuberculosisAccording to an article published on, in the US, 9,563 incidents of TB were reported in the year 2015 and over 500 people in the country die every year due to TB infection. Read on to learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of TB.

Tuberculosis Symptoms

As far active TB is concerned, it makes people severely sick, the condition being extremely infectious. You may notice the symptoms from the first week after being infected TB virus. Again, signs and symptoms may manifest even after a year. Whatever may be the case, TB tests, examinations, procedures, and treatment are mandatory.

The common signs and indications of TB are coughing for three or more weeks, loss of appetite, coughing with traces of blood, fatigue, sudden weight loss, chest pain, pain or discomfort when coughing or breathing, night sweats, and chills.

When you notice any of these symptoms, a diagnosis is the best way to start your treatment. The PCR test helps in analyzing and confirming whether a patient has an infection of TB.

What You Must Know about the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of TuberculosisBlood Test for Tuberculosis

Make sure you go for a blood test if you suspect TB. The test is essential to confirm or leave out the chances of active or inactive TB. The analysis is more dependable than the skin test and uses advanced technology to figure out how the immune system is reacting to the disease bacteria.

Make sure you visit your doctor only once for the blood test. The test is more effective if you are susceptible to the infection and have high chances of developing TB. The blood test is effective if the TB skin test shows a negative result. The blood test is also reliable if you lately had a shot of the BCG vaccine. If you find that result is positive, it means that you have TB and will require going through a series of other tests to corroborate that you have active TB.

What You Must Know about the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of TuberculosisTreatment of Tuberculosis

Preventing the disease and its treatment is easy nowadays provided one is diagnosed in the initial stages. Medicines are the best solution for TB. Then, TB treatment takes more time than the treatment of other conditions. People with active TB should take antibiotics for approximately six to nine months. The right medications and period of the treatment depend on multiple aspects such as your overall health condition, age, the location of the infection in the body, and drug resistance.

In inactive TB, one or two medications are fine to treat the disease. Then, active TB will need several meds such as Ethambutol, Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide and Rifadin.


The prevention of TB is imperative. Therefore, if one is diagnosed with the condition, he or she must look for TB test clinics near them.

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