Why cleaning your carpet once in a while is important

Why cleaning your carpet once in a while is important
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Traditionally, the carpet has always been associated with affluence, status and respectability. That’s why it can usually be noticed in the offices of successful lawyers, expensive restaurants, boutique shops or waiting rooms in doctor’s practices, being used as an expression of achievement and style. Its main advantage is that it reduces the sound of footsteps and is very kind to one’s feet back, especially if you have to stand up for longer periods, when compared to other types of flooring. It can also be very helpful during the winter or in a colder environment, as it does a good job of thermally insulating an area.

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Many people have the misguided conception that a carpet is very difficult to maintain and clean, as well as partly responsible for the decline in the quality of indoor environments. Due to this misinterpretation, carpets have been removed from numerous public buildings or are not installed, to begin with, in buildings such as schools, libraries or offices. These decisions have stripped away many of the advantages that carpet flooring has to offer, when the real culprit is the inefficient methods of cleaning that are being used.

It’s quite true that, when not properly cleaned and looked after, carpets may be the cause of many health issues related to an indoor environment. Because of that, up to one million people, who are allergic to pollutants, visit the hospital every year. Judging it from a public health angle, indoor carpet is justifiable only if the cleaning service is extremely efficient and is performed constantly. That also requires the cleaning personnel to be trained accordingly, to operate environmentally friendly machinery and apply a relevant cleaning process.

When done regularly, professional carpet cleaning services bring quite a few health benefits, besides just making a room look more aesthetic and increasing the lifespan of the rug. One of them is it eliminates pollutants trapped in the carpet, which can reach the same concentration as the ones found in soil, according to the statements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Extensive studies have shown that soil gases, such as radon, which may cause lung cancer after prolonged exposure to it, can enter a building through the cracks in its foundation and adhere to the fibers of the carpet, remaining a high risk for human health until properly disposed of.

Carpet cleaning also prevents the growth of mold, which is quite a likely occurrence, especially when the humidity levels in the air are high or the carpet is exposed to moisture.

Cleaning the house on your own may prove to be very strenuous to your lower back, as doing a thorough job implies moving the furniture as well. For this reason, it’s recommended to request the services of professional carpet cleaners, who have plenty of experience when it comes to furniture moving and are also equipped with back braces.

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