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Winter photography, in general, is a very challenging type of photography. While the surroundings bring a very artistic and unique aesthetic in every shot, the deed is not easy. And these things further add to the overall challenge of shooting or covering a wedding.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips: What You Need To KnowWeddings on Winter

Apparently, winter weddings have become a lot more popular these days. Aside from the breeze and cool weather, a lot more other reasons can be factored in. These include snow-dusted locations, fur-infused dresses, and a twist of holiday decorations.

It is only logical, though, considering how most couples wanted their special days to become unique and extraordinary. However, of course, this comes with great challenges, especially for the photographers.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips: What You Need To KnowThe Challenges of Winter Wedding Photography

As mentioned, winter photography, itself, is “notoriously tricky.” The natural light is a bit dimmer, making every shot quite challenging. Not to mention the cold weather, which may appear not very friendly for every guest and visitors.

This is why photographers may charge a bit higher when doing a winter wedding project. Even so, there are several tips and ways that can help every photographer in making a winter wedding a lot more convenient and practical.

Tips For Winter Wedding Photography

If you are a beginner, you may find these tips very helpful and useful. So, you may want to analyze each and apply on your next project:


Manage Clients’ Expectation

Among all the tips, this may be the most important of all. You must make your clients understand all the challenges of shooting and capturing photos during the winter season. Accordingly, ensure to manage your clients’ expectations.

In doing so, you may want to not discourage your clients as this will only end badly for you. Try to explain all the things that could be factored in taking shots during the wedding in the winter season.

You may also tell them about your experience with shooting winter projects. Make them aware of your skills and abilities. Also, let them know about your limits and scopes. In this way, you can effectively manage their expectations, which will be very beneficial for both parties.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips: What You Need To Know2


The weather should be deeply considered when taking on a winter wedding photography project or gig. Keep in mind that you cannot fight it, so, you have to be creative in incorporating the subject with the natural surroundings.

For instance, the bride gets out of the bridal car, and then it started raining. Quite obviously, many individuals would help her not get wet or help her in making her way more conveniently. During these times, make sure that you capture every moment as it may produce a great series of shots. Hence, you have to be present at all times.

It is also worth noting that your cameras and lenses will take time to adjust through extreme temperatures. When you started taking shots indoors, where the temperature is much higher than the outdoors, it will take time for your camera to adjust when you move your shots outdoors.

Accordingly, the best solution to this is to have two cameras ready for the event – one mainly for outdoor purposes and the other for indoor purposes.

In addition to this, ensure that you keep extra batteries with you. Camera batteries tend to drain much faster in colder environments. So, if you are already prepared with two packs on the usual basis, then make sure that you bring more extras with you.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips: What You Need To Know3

Efficient Lighting System

The natural light is very tricky during winter. As it happens, it gets a little darker much faster than the usual season. Also, even if the event is happening during the daytime, the natural light may appear much dimmer than the normal. Therefore, you have to prepare an effective and efficient lighting system.

It need not be grandiose or dramatic, as long as the lighting fixtures will help you produce a much more vivid and brighter setting, it will do. Besides, your creativity and experience as a photographer will already tell you the best set up for your project or gig.


Dress with the Weather in Mind

As a photographer, surely, you already know that you will move around. Despite the need for a formal or a smart get-up, given that it’s a wedding, photographers always wear comfortable apparel to help them with every movement.

This aspect is quite easy to consider during other seasons. But, when it’s winter, it will be very challenging as you will need to regard the climate and weather.

So, in choosing your attire and get-up, ensure that you consider well the weather and the setting of the event. Be sure that you will still be able to move around without overlooking your protection for cold weather.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips: What You Need To Know AllOntario5

Keep Your Eyes on the Clock

Time is of the essence when you are doing a winter wedding photography project. This is because day time is much shorter during this season. So, you have to be mindful of every minute and every hour of the event.

In the instance that the couple decided to start the wedding at, say, after lunch, and the whole ceremony will take hours to finish, you will certainly be left with only a few minutes to take great shots.

When this happens, you may want to state this kind of concern to your clients. Explain to them that they may not get brighter and vivid shots since it will be very daunting to get shots when the natural light gets a lot darker.


Back-up Plan

Every photographer knows that having a plan and a back-up plan for every gig or project is a must. Things will not always go the way they are planned. Hence, you must prepare everything beforehand and have lots of back-up plans for every aspect.

This should be applied not only to settings, locations, and shot directions. As it happens, you should also have back-up plans for your cameras, along with its parts and accessories. This may include batteries, memory cards, straps, bags, and a lot more other things that may help you with your winter wedding photography.

Final Thoughts

This goes without saying that plans should be made for every photography project. And so much more when your gig is a winter wedding setting.

All in all, though, these tips will be very useful and handy on your end. Try to practice more before the event, and try to apply these ways and practices. Certainly, your winter wedding photography will be on point and your clients will be happy with your work.

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