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The Canada Council for the Arts offers a range of grants for professional Canadian writers, collectives and publishers. In addition to providing support for the creation, translation, publication and promotion of Canadian literature, the Writing and Publishing Section funds author residencies, literary readings and festivals, as well as new areas of activity such as rap poetry, storytelling and electronic literature.

Grant Programs

  • Grants for Professional Writers: Creative Writing
  • Travel Grants for Professional Writers
  • Grants to Aboriginal Writers, Storytellers and Publishers
  • Aboriginal Emerging Writers Residencies
  • Spoken Word and Storytelling Program
  • Book Publishing Support: Emerging Publisher Grants
  • Book Publishing Support: Block Grants
  • Book Publishing Support: Author Promotion Tours 2011
  • Book Publishing Support: Art Books
  • Book Publishing Support: Translation Grants
  • International Translation Grants
  • Grants to Literary and Art Magazines
  • Grants for Literary Arts Promotion: Project Grants and Artists and Community Collaboration Program (ACCP) Grants
  • Grants for Literary Arts Promotion: Operating Grants
  • Literary Readings and Author Residencies Program: Literary Readings
  • Literary Readings and Author Residencies Program: Author Residencies
  • The Flying Squad: An Organizational Development Program
  • Visiting Foreign Artists Program

Endowments and Prizes

  • John Hobday Awards in Arts Management
  • Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Awards
  • CBC Literary Awards
  • Canada-Japan Literary Awards
  • Governor General’s Literary Awards
  • Japan-Canada Fund
  • Joseph S. Stauffer Prizes
  • Molson Prizes

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