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The holidays are almost here and with them the magical feeling brought by snow and festive lights.

The world is enveloped in white fluffy blankets, kids play outside, and long evenings at the fireplace with a glass of mulled wine become a trend once more. As you sit back and look outside, you see winter working its mesmerising magic, covering the windows with frost and making everything a little bit unreal.

Now imagine this feeling of wonder at the mystery of nature on your wedding day album. Most photographers will tell you there’s nothing quite like a winter wedding photoshoot. It is complex and can be a bit difficult but ultimately it rewards you with an unforgettable experience you’ll keep in your heart for a lifetime.

Winter Photography Makes More Atmospheric Images

The weather is darker, and you end up creating more mysterious-looking imagery, out- or indoors. Candles and fairy lights often figure in winter wedding photography and contribute a great deal to the resulting images. In contrast with the white scenery, couples will usually choose brighter, visually richer outfits. Fireworks are also commonly used in wintertime, which the photographer can catch in the background as the couple poses for the shot.

Things to Prepare for in Winter Wedding Photography

Of course there’s the weather. In addition to the clothing you intend to be photographed in, you should always have warmer overcoats and hats at hand in case you need them.

Then there’s the lighting perspective. Even on a bright winter day, daytime hours are less than in the summer, so you should do careful planning of the photoshoot ahead of time so you don’t run out of daylight.

Also, a plan-b indoor location should be discussed where you would be able to retreat in case it gets too cold, and continue shooting there.

Ideas for Winter Wedding Locations and Shots

Snowy days create lots of potential for different scenery, and one of the first things that come to mind is a simple outdoor photoshoot in a park or forested area. Nature is one of the best backdrops for love after all.

Cities are also very good to shoot in winter. The contrast between tall buildings covered in snow and bright city lights with the newlyweds in the center can create magical pictures.

Among common urban settings for photographs are restaurants where the couple can sit with a glass of wine on a snow-covered patio, the Toronto lakeshore walkway near the skating rink, and just busy streets as buzzing urban life gets frozen around the sizzling center of a couple in love.

Rustic old buildings like the old UofT campus are a great backdrop for winter photography as well, and also old barnhouse style structures like the Spadina Museum guesthouse.

Hope you have a lovely wedding and happy holidays. Enjoy!

The photos for this article were contributed by KS Studios. Feel free to visit their website where you can see more of their amazing work.

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