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Worried for back pain? Why don’t you try “Train Back”?

When fitness levels begin to plummet, it becomes all too-easy to let this become the norm especially if each day is so busy and you have little time to go to the gym. For any exercise routine to be viable, they must be regular. The good news is that with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can bypass the gym and workout at home just using the furniture as exercise props. Exercise routines can be concise and intensive and even, five-ten minutes of aerobic exercise such as running up and down the stairs can give your metabolic rate a boost.

Back Pain: Why Don't You Try Train Back?Many people live rather sedentary lives these days and this has a very negative impact on posture. Poor posture can place extra strain on the back and when core muscles are weak, it’s easy to injure or strain the back. If this sounds all too-familiar, it’s time to invest in some strengthening exercises but remember to consider the body as a whole. Core strength doesn’t just mean working the abdominal muscles although this will help. It’s worth remembering that all movements are powered by the core and the abs and back must work in unison when lifting, sitting or standing. Think of the core as your power center. If muscles are unbalanced or weak, back pain can easily occur whereas strong core muscles ensure less pressure on the spine.

Exercises for back pain and health

If you have not exercised for some time, then, little and often is key. Try to implement some exercises each day and get to know which muscle groups you are working out. The most important element is listening to your body as this can prevent injury or strain.

The bridge pose

As a backbend, the yoga bridge pose can be used in a restorative way. It is a wonderful stretch helping to reduce backache. Lie on your back on the floor or on the bed and bend the knees. Bring the heels towards your sitting bones and have arms resting by your body.  As you lift through the tailbone, press down through your feet and arms keeping thighs parallel to the surface. Hold for 60-seconds. Then, release. Imagine the spine rolling back down one vertebra at a time. Bring the knees together and relax.

Back Pain: Why Don't You Try Train Back? AllOntarioLeg lift

Sit at the edge of a chair. Your legs should be in a 90-degree position. With feet flat on the floor, bring hands to the arms of the chair and lean back, but note that the spine should be straight, abdominals contracted. Lift both legs, still bent at the knees, towards the chest and then, lower back to the floor. This should be repeated up to 30-times.

Leg raises

Stand with a chair in front of you and bend at the waist so that both hands grip the back of the chair. Place your weight through the left heel and now, lift the right foot off the ground. The toes should point to the right and tighten up the core muscles and glutes as you do so. Extend the leg up behind you as high as possible, pause and then, return the toes to the floor and repeat for up to 15 times. Repeat on the other leg too.

Locust pose

Use the mattress or floor and lie face down with arms at the sides of the body, palms facing upwards. Rest your forehead on the surface. Turn your toes inwards as this rotates the thighs but also ensures tension in the buttocks. Inhale and then, breathe out, lift your upper body and, raise the legs from the floor. The abdomen, front pelvis and lower ribs remain connected to the surface. Reach through your legs, extending outwards. Now, raise the arms so they are parallel to the floor and stretch back pushing through the fingertips. Push up towards the ceiling. Keep the back of the neck long. Hold for 30 seconds and release on an exhalation. Repeat.

Train Back

Low fitness levels, poor posture and a weakened core is likely to lead to back problems. Exercising at home can make a huge difference to prevention and recovery. Train Back provides personalized training treatments that can easily be done at home and the workout schedule is designed with you in mind considering your body and level of fitness. Stress and physical traumas play a significant role when it comes to pain and if your back often protests loudly, Train Back take a holistic approach to reducing pain. The health of your back should not be underestimated. It is only when core strength starts to dissipate, and good posture reduces that you start to realize just how important your back is to everyday life. Train Back is one important solution to help improve all over body strength. You will soon start to see and feel the benefits.

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