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Five year olds are precocious, curious, playful and energetic. As such, planning a party for a child this age is simple.

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All you have to do is choose a venue that allows them to get out their energy and explore their creative sides all while safely investigating their an exciting new environment. Here we have some tips for keeping all those five-year-olds busy, whether you choose to hold the party at your home or somewhere else.

Host a Party at an Outside Venue

Why host a party at your house where you have to deal with all the mess, chaos and clean up? Instead, host a party at an outside venue where you can leave all the party prep, entertainment and clean up to a professional. For example, Chamelea Science Center ( in the GTA plays on children’s love for science. There are so many birthday party themes to choose from for this age group, such as Frozen, Ancient Egypt, Dinosaur Extinction, Grossology, Under the Sea, Fairy Tale Science, Cooking with Science, Bubble Mania, and Science Magic. Each program is led by a qualified professional who educates the children and helps them explore the science behind that particular topic. They can engage in hands-on science experiments, plus they get party favors, loot bags and take-home activities. Depending on the package you get, you can also order pizza and drinks and extra services like face painting.

Provide Inclusive Activities

Holding a party at your home? Just having a theme isn’t enough. You’ve got to make sure all the kids are engaged at all times to prevent boredom. Enlist the help of some trusted parents to set up stations where guests can take part in anything from arts and crafts to piñatas and obstacle courses. Arts and crafts are great but you also have to get them up and active. If you have a Race Car theme, for example, you can encourage all guests to bring their favorite bike, trike, scooters or skates and maneuver around an obstacle course that you have set up in advance. A Fitness or Sports theme party where the kids are given tasks like jumping rope, doing jumping jacks and playing capture the flag is a perfect way to keep them engaged.

Decorate Party Bags

At five years old, kids can be pretty territorial. Set up a crafts station where each child can decorate his or her own goody bags to take home favors and treats in. No one wants to mix up their goodies with someone else! If you have a piñata, they can stuff all their candy in there as well. Put out stickers, non-toxic paints, washable markers, crayons, glitter (supervised of course!) and any other embellishments you may want to offer. Help them write their names on the bags if they need assistance. Don’t forget the smocks to protect their clothing.

Facing a birthday party for your five-year-old? As you can see, you have many options to keep them entertained. Good luck! 

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