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Not every couple wants the “white wedding” and its traditional feel. Some of them want something that is a little more laid back and relaxed. The perfect theme for this kind of wedding is the Bohemian-inspired or Boho wedding. What is that? You may be asking.

Bohemians in the 19th Century are famous for being dreamers and being free-spirited people, always inspired by nature, beauty, and the arts. You can imagine if your wedding reflects this carefree attitude towards life, romance, and passion. You can have a wedding that is not only relaxed but is also fun. In this post, we will tell you how you can create your own Boho wedding for your special day that you, your partner, family, and friends will surely remember and cherish.

How to Plan for Your Perfect Boho Wedding

Think about What Inspires You

A great thing about a Boho wedding is its simplistic nature. The design and the embellishments depend solely on your tastes; you can have as few or as many as you like. There are no strict rules about the theme. That’s why it is important that you know what inspires you, such as nature. No two Boho weddings are alike. To have a true Bohemian wedding, you have to be a nonconformist and your wedding should veer away from the stiff and traditional feel of most weddings.

How to Plan for Your Perfect Boho Wedding

Embrace what’s Natural

The perfect Boho wedding can be held outdoors, giving you that close-to-nature atmosphere. You can even hold the ceremony and the reception in the same place. Look for a venue that can truly make your day feel magical but at the same time comfortable. Try to look for private estates, vineyards, backyards, and farms. You can even have your wedding at the beach or park. It can then be followed by the reception in a marquee or a rustic barn.

How to Plan for Your Perfect Boho Wedding

Get Your Creativity Flowing

You’ll love the fact that Boho weddings are perfectly imperfect. The key here is to use warm colors and the romantic influences of nature. Bohemians traditional used anything they could find for their decorations. Thank goodness that today you can easily go to a craft shop and buy the decorations that you need. But if you want to do a DIY, then that’s great! The important thing is that you follow the first advice, find an inspiration and draw from that. You will do fine, and your wedding will be splendid.

How to Plan for Your Perfect Boho Wedding

Be Boho-Beautiful

Stay consistent with the Boho theme of your wedding with the clothes that you will be wearing. For the women, dress up in unstructured and loose dresses in crocheted lace or even soft chiffon. The same goes for your hair, keep it loose and relaxed. Decorate it with fresh or even dried flowers. For the men, wear simple khakis and a loose shirt. You can even use a slightly formal linen suit, whatever makes you more comfortable and less stiff. Follow your instincts. The Boho theme keeps things simple, so remember that.

Shoes are optional in a Boho wedding. Feel the grass or sand beneath your feet. That’s as close to nature as you can get!


Your wedding day is an important day to celebrate and cherish. Do what your gut tells you to do. If you feel that you’re not suited for the more traditional ceremony, then the Boho-themed wedding is definitely for you. Don’t worry too much about tradition. The important thing is that you are comfortable and you are happy.

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By Maggie Martin

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