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Bow windows are basically any windows that protrude outside the main building and comprise of four to six panels. Bay windows, on the other hand are the protruding type of windows that feature three to four panels. Regardless of the one you opt for, this is one of the home improvement projects that demand for outstanding skills and expertise on the part of your chosen window installation company. This is mainly because such windows will impact on the weight distribution as well as the physical appearance of the entire house. However, the installer is the last person to blame for the failure of such projects; the homeowner or the person making the decision to install this type of windows in his or her home should clearly understand the risks associated with installing this type of windows. So, what are the possible risks associated with these windows?

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Although these windows will definitely add space to the house, this window design renders the entire window prone to condensation. This occurs as a result of limited air circulation as well as the temperature of the protruding window. Even if the window is insulated, it will still have a lower temperate, as compared to the insulated area of the home. As such, you will realise that the air within these windows is always some degrees lower than the average home temperature. This phenomenon will, in turn lead to condensation within the bay or bow window because the cooler air cannot hold much moisture.

Heat loss

As compared to the conventional types of windows used in living rooms, bay and bow windows tend to add the field of view for someone in the living room. This is obviously a benefit associated with such windows. However, this should not bar you from realising the risk such windows pose during the cold season. When the outside temperature drops, the outer glass surface of these windows is more exposed to the prevailing winds outside. This, in turn makes the air inside the window-on the inner side of the house, to be cooler than the air inside the house. Owing to its temperature difference, much heat energy will be lost through the window through conduction. With time, this will significantly impact on energy bills in the house.

If you still would like to push on with this project, you should get a professional advice with a considerable know-how on bow and bay windows. The frame part of these windows will have to be constructed from scratch. Therefore, a skilled window installation company will help to build a custom bay or bow window that is designed to meet the building code’s specifications and satisfy your tastes.

Many homeowners prefer this type of windows because they can significantly improve the visual appeal of the house from the outside. With the help of the experts, like Total Home Windows and Doors, the windows may be positioned on a side that minimises its drawbacks. This is to day that special considerations for the home location have to play a role in determining the suitability of bow or bay windows.

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