Domestic violence bail bonds come with a restraining order
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Domestic violence cases are criminal cases, and it can lead to the arrest of the defendant charged with the crime who must be in jail until given bail.  This is the time before the court hearing, and the accused person would like to get free as soon as possible by availing bail granted by a judge.

A bail bondsman is the go-to person in such cases who can arrange for bail of the accused and free him or her from jail for the time being until the court proceedings begin and the trial takes place. While the accused might be at an advantage of escaping punishment at the end because domestic violence takes place within the confines of the home and usually does not have any witness. That makes it extremely hard to prove. But still, jail time is inevitable, at least soon upon the arrest.

Domestic violence bail bonds come with a restraining orderThe bail amounts

It is up to the court to decide the bail amount that considers a lot of factors. It works out the most appropriate sum of money that can act as a deterrent for committing the crime again and at the same time, guarantee that the person released on bail will appear for the court hearings at some later date. The nature and extent of offense or crime is the most vital factor in determining the bail amount, and the criminal history of the person also comes into play. However, the amount will never be so little that the person can easily arrange for it. And this is when the bail bondsman becomes very important for making bail payments on behalf of the accused.

Domestic violence bail bonds

Bail bonds are the same regardless of the charges brought against the accused, but still, sometimes people link it to the type of criminal charges which does not make any difference. When the judge allows bail, it means that the jailed person must pay the amount of money fixed by the judge to the court to ensure his or her release. Although the court accepts cash payment, it is always not possible for accused persons to organize funds quickly. They can take help from a company that provides Ohio bail bonds to make the payment either in cash or by way of furnishing a bond so that the person can walk out from jail.

Restraining order for domestic violence

The bail fixed by the court comes with some conditions that the accused person must comply with. It could be reporting to the investigating officer weekly or prohibiting the defendant from moving out of the state etc. In domestic violence cases, once the accused person obtains bail and walks out of jail, it triggers a restraining order or protection order that mentions the prohibitions imposed on the person to put a check on the violent behavior. Mostly, it could prohibit the accused from contacting the victim or maintaining a certain distance from him or her.

On violation of the restraining order, the bail bond will be revoked as also if the accused fails to appear in the court.

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